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a curse is recognized in the Season 1 episode "Skin Deep", wherein Belle Pretty much finishes it with Genuine Love's Kiss. In a slight departure, although the exhibit Evidently wishes us to find out him as cursed, Rumpelstiltskin himself hardly ever complains about his powers, and is quite sensibly freaked out in the prospect of losing them and becoming in the mercy in the Evil Queen, in addition to shedding any prospect of locating his son.

Lighter and Softer: You would not Imagine it would be possible but, Inspite of being much much more highly effective, clever and harmful On this version than in his original fairy tale, he in some way manages to come off as this. Within this Variation, he's a baby broker who Would Not Hurt A Child.

Taken to a fresh level in "Save Henry", where she states she feels no regrets for all of her Terrible steps, such as killing her father. Why? As it all served to lead her to Henry. Although this 1 could be seen as her motherly love for her son outweighing any guilt she harbors.

tends to make him an immortal nigh-omnipotent sorcerer, Magnificent Bastard and Chessmaster who performs everyone else - with varying degrees of achievements that, ordinarily

Disproportionate Retribution: She has ruined the life of Everybody in her earth, persecuted Snow White For several years and had Mary Margaret arrested for murder since an harmless child made a very well-intentioned slip-up.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Every so often she exhibits a facet of her that is a lot more sympathetic, like when her son falls down the properly or when she's saved from your fire. Then she ruins it possibly exactly the same episode, or an episode later on by undertaking something entirely harsh.

Needless to say That is also just soon after pushing Cora through a portal at Rumpel's beckoning. So he is as much enjoying on her emotion in excess of her mother by taking part in it as her emotion about magic. AKA recommended you read Corrupt the Cutie.

I Just Want to Be Ordinary: There are lots of hints that he yearns for the days when he was just a straightforward weaver.

Technology Xerox: "Feel Lovely Ideas" reveals that Rumpelstiltskin's father also traded away his son for magic powers, in addition to was just as manipulative and possessed similar mannerisms.

Grownup pandora charm stuck on bracelet Concern: He is living in one. Following his yrs of weak spot and his wife running off with another person he clung to the power of the Dark A single like an addict to his resolve.

I Regret Nothing: States in season 3 that she acknowledges her negative actions but regrets absolutely nothing as it got her Henry.

Fantastic, but Lazy: In Sequence 3B; Henry's still good - he's improved at Maths and was lousy at it for a child - but prefers to play movie games in lieu of browse immediately after Regina cancels out the curse.

Therapeutic Hands: A part of his energy is unbelievable healing magic, together with repairing an arm ripped off Dr. Whale with a wave of pics of pandora charms his hand.

He life his lifestyle with gratitude and phone calls or e-mail generally to specific it. He and his wife Goretti make us truly feel Specific and loved.

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